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Welcome to TurboHorsepower.com!



  • 1,172 Rear Wheel Horsepower Twin Turbo 2003 Cobra 4V
  • 753 Rear Wheel Horsepower Twin Turbo 2005 Mustang 3V
  • 946 Rear Wheel Horsepower Twin Turbo 2000 Mustang 2V

*4V TT Cobra went @ 141 MPH and 10:60 ET in 1/4 mile - 9's on the way!

 *2V TT Silver Saleen went 11:12 ET @128.8 MPH 1/4 mile @ 6,000 ft. Altitude on 760 RWHP Tune


TURBO HORSEPOWER’S inception was driven by a few people who want to design, develop, and deliver turbo kits, value and customer service in a quality manner.  We want you, our customer, to have a pleasant experience with the purchase, delivery and installation of your next turbo kit.  While there are many companies in the market we plan to make a difference that you can recognize. 

DELIVERY has always been a stumbling block in this industry and for awhile we’ll only be able to build to meet orders.  Soon, we hope to be able to build ahead of orders and stock some kits on the shelf for very quick delivery.

CUSTOMER SERVICE historically has been non-existent.  We hope we never get so busy that we can’t talk to you about your kit, needs and ways to improve your cars performance.  We will always try to keep you informed, even when it’s bad news.  We don’t like bad news anymore than the next guy but avoiding you like the other turbo companies or not being up front just isn’t our style.   We try to treat you as we’d like to be treated.

QUALITY PRODUCTS are our trademark and that will continue or this business won’t!  It’s that simple.  No we’re not perfect, but we will always do our best to make our product the very best.

INSTALLATION of our turbo kits is something we take seriously because we do it ourselves first before we ever release the kit to you.  That does not mean one of us does it but ALL of us do it.  We have many discussions during this critical period and that never stops.  If we see a better way we will bring that to you.  If you see a better way please tell us.  There are a lot of smart people (customers) out there that have great ideas.

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